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What causes spider veins and varicose veins?
For the most part genetics play a large role in developing veins. If your mother or father has had a problem with their veins you will have a strong tendency towards developing them. Contributing or aggravating problems may include pregnancy, obesity, hormones and standing for extended periods of time.

What is Sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy is a treatment for removal of spider and larger veins. A solution of sugar, salt and water is injected directly into the vein. The solution irritates the lining of the vein and causes it to swell shut. Redness and welting over the treated area disappears within twenty-four hours and the veins slowly fade over six weeks. Depending on the size and number of veins to be treated usually more than one session is necessary.

The Treatment
A typical treatment takes 15-20 minutes with approximately 40-50 injection sites. A very small needle is used to inject. The majority of clients find the procedure tolerable however some may experience a temporary burning sensation. The injection sites will be covered with a cotton ball and tape that should stay on a few hours. Depending on the size and severity of veins treated it may be recommended to wear support hose or we will wrap your legs in a tensor bandage that should remain on until the evening.

Post-Sclerotherpay Care
It is recommended that a 20 min brisk walk be taken after the treatment. Vigorous exercise (jogging, high impact aerobics) should be avoided for a couple of days. Avoid hot baths, whirlpools and saunas for 48 hours.

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